What features should a dog working as a guard have?

The personal and property protection industry has undergone a real revolution in recent years, thanks to which companies operating in this field are able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients, regardless of the type of property to be protected. Safety is important to every human being, so if we have our own company, house or we are responsible for a construction or demolition site, it will certainly be a good decision to use the services of a company dealing with professional protection of people and property. If the terrain is difficult, large or you just want to provide it with top security, it is worth considering using the services of a security guard accompanied by a security dog.

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Nowadays, more and more tasks are completed by electronic devices such as computers, automatic alarms or video intercoms, which are supposed to strengthen our sense of security and protect our properties against intruders. Although application of such devices is not a bad idea itself, relying solely on them may not be the best option, mainly because of the fact that failures could occur at any time. Electronic equipment is perfect for complementing the activities of a professional security company, but we should not base the whole security system on it. However, not only electronic security guard devices can support the security system. It is much better to hire security staff who work with dogs to supervise our facility and prevent unauthorized access to our property. The animal’s strong senses allow it to support a human on duty. The dog’s sense of smell, hearing and eyesight are surprisingly good even in difficult conditions such as darkness or bad weather. A man may not notice a thief lurking in the darkness, but a dog is bound not to miss them.

What features should a dog working as a guard have?

Not all dogs are capable of supporting a human security guard. We need to remember that security staff often have to react to various types of disturbing signals, and sometimes even take part in the capturing of a burglar or a vandal. Due to the scope of its duties, a dog guard must undergo professional training that will prepare it for service. Obviously, training is not everything because there are features that make a particular watch dogs much better in service than other quadrupeds. What features should a dog accompanying a security guard have then?

  • only fully healthy dogs are suitable for service;
  • the dog must be disciplined, thanks to that it will acquire new skills quicker and cooperate with a human partner better;
  • the dog participating in the training must be also highly intelligent in order to learn new commands quickly;
  • loyalty to the owner is extremely important in this type of work as well;
  • self-control and lack of signs of aggression is another crucial factor.

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Services provided by a guard accompanied by a dog, why should you use them?

At the beginning of their journey, many entrepreneurs trusted electronic devices which were implemented to protect their objects from thieves, vandals and other intruders. Some of them have learned a painful lesson that this solution is not always effective, because these days burglars are more and more effective at committing crimes and have knowledge of how to break various alarms or additional security measures. The awareness of the importance of the protection of our premises has grown significantly in recent decades, and thus more and more people are deciding to use the services of security companies. What is the advantage of security companies working with dogs over all other security services? Characteristically, the guard dogs that serve with security guards are not only well-trained but also extremely brave. It is thanks to their courage, loyalty, cleverness and sensitive senses that they are able to hear and perceive what a human being will not notice. The dog enables effective protection of the property, even in complete darkness or pouring rain. See our offer for a service dog handler.

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