Professional protection of commercial and industrial facilities

Commercial facilities are visited daily by hundreds and thousands of people because of their purpose. Due to the fact that many of these facilities are always visited by employees, suppliers or our colleagues, it is particularly important that no unwanted guests appear on site. Therefore, it’s worth investing in the service of a security company to have the confidence that it is kept safe and away from danger at all times.
A security officer with a canine is a very good solution to protect commercial and industrial facilities. We provide protection regardless of the size of the surface you have, and in case any large objects are on site, we increase the number of guards to guarantee the object’s security, and its owners a good night’s sleep, without having to worry about whether unauthorized persons enter the facility.

Commercial Security Security Service with
a guard dog – a great alternative to traditional security companies

Many people think that installing an alarm is sufficient protection against thieves who are waiting for their chance to enter unguarded commercial and industrial sites, due to the fact that they often contain extremely valuable items. Unfortunately, many owners of such facilities are convinced that often an alarm is not enough to stop any potential criminals from entering the site. Therefore, it is worth choosing protection from security services with professionally trained canines because they are an excellent alternative to traditional security services, and are an increasingly popular and preferred solution.

Why is a security officer with a dog a good solution? Our four-legged employees have many useful skills, thanks to which the protection of persons and property has risen to an even higher level. Dogs undergo intensive training, which enables them to fully use their potential which have been hidden amongst their sharp senses. However, not only the smell and hearing of the four-legged beings are of great importance during the work of the security officer with a guard dog , but also the dedication of our four-legged colleagues makes them excellent companions at work. You should consider our offer for industrial security service with or without the dog.

A guarantee of security of the facility

Everyone, regardless of age and social position, has a need to feel safe not only at home but also outside. When we provide a security service of a commercial or industrial facility, we also want the area itself and the employees performing professional duties to be safe. Consequently, it is worth using our service, including hiring a security officer with a guard dog who will ensure order in the object or facility and make it completely safe. Protection with a professionally trained canine is extremely effective due to the training that both dogs and security guards undergo. Appropriate tests take place after this type of training, and positive results would indicate the full readiness of the security guard with the dog to provide protection of persons and property at the highest level.