Can a domestic dog equal a dog working in a security company?

‘Dog in yard’, ‘Beware of dog’ – these and similar signs appear on residential properties located all over the world. However, are family dogs capable of providing us with effective protection? It’s not a rare case that looking at police dogs makes us think that such a hound could also protect our house. We usually forget that professional dogs have undergone special training, which allows them to work in security companies. Given that, let’s think about whether our domestic dog could act as a guardian as well.

dog working in a security company
dog working in a security company

Firstly, it’s all about a careful selection of the dogs which are going to assist security staff. It’s processed based on a rigid criteria which all the individual dogs need to meet. Secondly, it’s the training which only takes place in a certain period of a dog’s life – between the age of a year, but no later than 2 years of age. It is scientifically confirmed that this is a crucial stage in the dogs’ development, and only then it is able to acquire life-long skills, necessary for their future work. These are not just skills though, at that time it turns out if a dog has natural capabilities to serve as a guard and if its health allows it to engage in security work. All this effort is put in, in order to make sure that the fury assistant is going to react predictably and professionally, even in extremely stressful situations when its own life or a human life are endangered, when it’s really loud outside, etc. We cannot have such confidence when it comes to our domestic dogs’ behaviour.

That’s why it is much better to rely on a professional company that uses dogs in its daily duties.

Guard with a dog – a perfect solution not only on a residential property

A security guard accompanied by a dog is a perfect solution not only on a residential property, but also in other places that require protection against burglars, acts of vandalism or other intruders. A dog is effective regardless of weather conditions, the time of day or a season. Undoubtedly, a residential plot doesn’t complete the list of objects where such a service is helpful. It may also be used in several, different places, e.g.:

  • warehouse halls where various products and equipment are stored are a tasty bite for thieves. That’s why it is worth investing in the best protection of such facilities;
  • construction sites, as well as places where demolition work is in progress, with expensive equipment and construction materials left after hours are objects that require 24-hour security
  • private, uninhabited properties, as they can become a target of the homeless who look for a place to squat

Regardless of what facility we want to protect, it is worth choosing services provided by a security guard accompanied by a dog, which enables us to be sure that our property, company or land are safe.

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How to adjust the protection to your needs?

If we make a decision to cooperate with a security company using dogs, we are to arrange the most effective form of this cooperation. One of the most important factors here is obviously the size of our property as it determines the number of people and dogs working there. If you are not able to assess how much resources may be necessary for your area, a professional security company is bound to offer you optimal and effective solutions.

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