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Security Guard with Dogs

A sense of security is one of the most important things in everyone’s life, because it affects our daily functioning and other areas of our lives. Often, however, our peace is destroyed before thieves prowling around or during a longer vacation, when we have to leave our property unattended, because our longer absence is a great opportunity for nearby robbers. Also, business and construction site owners often face the problem of having to leave company or construction sites costing materials that attract the attention of thieves because of their high value. Store owners are also struggling with these kinds of problems every day. Is there a way that will allow us to sleep peacefully and provide security for both us and our property? Of course, yes, because these problems can be solved using the services of our reputable, well-trained crew dealing with the protection of persons and property!

security guard with dogs milton keynes
professional security guard with dogs

High quality services and competitive prices? This is what cooperation with Brylant Security looks like!

security guard with dogs milton keynes

You care about the effective protection of your property? Bet on experience and professionalism, i.e. the main pillars of our company.

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We provide all our clients with full discretion and a professional approach to protecting their property!


We bring a highly visible security presence to your property with high-tech camera surveillance and dog deterrent. All our guard dog handlers and dogs are SIA certified.

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One of the undoubted advantages of our company is protection with a dog, which has been prepared from the very beginning for the role of a dog bodyguard. The dog serving in Brylant Security is a healthy individual, who has all the necessary for this role instilled, such as obedience, resistance to any bangs and arrows, he is also taught to react neutrally to the influence of the environment. Our crew members look after the dog perfectly, thanks to them our clients can enjoy the possibility of hiring a security guard with the dog. During trainings, in which the dog participates, we use various scenes, thanks to which protection with the dog takes place fully professionally, because nothing can surprise a four-legged member of our crew. An additional advantage of using the service of hiring a security guard with the dog is the fact that the dog copes well in the field and significantly facilitates the work of its companions, all thanks to olfactory work such as taking the lead and following the perpetrator. Many people fear that it will be easy to bribe the dog, but the four-legged employee of Brylant Security knows that you should not take treats from strangers.

Security guard with dogs advantage

Are you wondering if it is worth hiring security guard with the dog to protect your home or business and what are the advantages of this solution? The first plus is the fact that the presence of a specially trained dog significantly increases the effectiveness of protection, because the dog awakens human respect, and this results in the fact that the criminal prefers to avoid properties where he can suffer from a dog attack. Another undoubted advantage of a security guard with a dog is the fact that the dog reacts to danger instantly regardless of the prevailing conditions or the value of the stolen or endangered property. Dogs are not only characterized by above-average reaction time, but also by a very sensitive sense of smell and hearing, which allows them to sense the danger much earlier than people and warn the guardian about the lurking danger. Unlike people, dogs are not guided by fear, and this makes them the best companions for employees of a security services company.

Where will it work security guard with dogs?

Many of our clients ask us the question: where exactly does a security guard with a dog work? The answer is literally everywhere. A security guard with a dog is a great solution for both private individuals and owners of larger and smaller companies. Dogs cope with patrolling construction sites as well as commercial facilities, so we can be sure that all materials and people in their area are one hundred percent safe. Also, owners of single-family houses by renting a professional security guard with the dog can sleep peacefully and not worry about the safety of themselves, their loved ones and the property itself. Regardless of whether you need a security guard with the dog on a busy area or a temporarily deserted area, our company will certainly guarantee you safety and confidence that all objects and materials on the site will remain in place.