Security guard with a dog – the perfect solution for construction and demolition sites

Every owner of a company that has started construction or demolition works wants everything on the construction site to run smoothly and safely both during the hours of work and when the construction or demolition area remains empty. In such areas, construction companies leave appliances of high value, which are usually worth thousands, if not millions of pounds, so it’s no surprise that every entrepreneur wants their area to be guarded like a fortress. A security officer with a guard dog is an excellent solution that will guarantee security for both equipment and employees who carry out work on the construction site or demolition. The guard dog, thanks to its sensitive senses and undergoing many professional training, knows how to behave in a confrontation situation, and also knows how to locate robbers at night.

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Commercial buildings are particularly vulnerable to the risk of theft. Magazines with small household appliances and electronics, clothing magazines or nutrition magazines, are ideal places for robbers who often choose magazines and stores due to the fact that it is a cluster of things of satisfactory value. Owners of commercial buildings exposed to hacking know how important it is that the facility needs to be protected around the clock, which is why they are increasingly choosing the service of a security officer with a dog.

The advantage of this solution on commercial facilities is the fact that the dog does not feel tired during service and is always fully focused and ready for a possible confrontation. In addition, a security guard with a dog is a solution that strengthens the safety of night shift workers, because the dog has the chance to inform his guardian of impending danger in good time, so that both goods and people on commercial premises are safe when there is a vigilant security guard with a dog above them. 

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Many people have private properties such as summer houses, which are out of use for most of the year and recreational plots or those on which a dream home will soon be. Such places seem to be poorly protected, so they often fall victim to theft, or burglary and hooligan behavior, such as damage to property for no apparent reason.

Regardless of whether there is an empty house on our property that is under renovation, an empty area or an equipped summer house, we cannot allow uninvited guests to enter our private property. A great solution for private properties is a  security dog handler who will make sure that no one who is not welcome on our property gets into our property. 

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Regardless of whether we have a company that we want to patrol, or go on vacation and want our home to be completely safe, we should use the most modern and effective means of security which is a  security officer with a guard dog . Protection in the company of a dog is a guarantee of success and efficiency, regardless of the size of the area requiring protection, as well as the time of day or the temperature outside.

Many people wonder if the dog will cope with such a responsible task such as protecting people and property, but do not worry! Dogs working with a security officer undergo specialist courses, preparing them to be ready for all types of scenarios, thanks to which we provide the highest quality services. 

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