Why choose this service?

A security guard with a canine is a service that is chosen by both entrepreneurs and private individuals to protect people and property. This service is becoming more and more popular due to the extraordinary effectiveness of it, and the fact that a security officer and guard dog can work in all conditions. A duo like this is extremely effective despite the prevailing weather conditions, or the size of the protected area. This is all due to the extraordinary olfactory receptors the canine has, and by combining this with a professionally trained security officer, the effectiveness of the security we provide is unquestionable. Guard dogs are able to detect approaching dangers from afar and warn their master, who thus has time to react and prepare for any criminal offence that is about to take place. Another positive that stems from hiring a security officer with a dog is that it will always confront the delinquents so that they witness the combat capabilities of the dog, leading to surrender on their behalf. This ensures both the security guard, employees of the facility and the facility itself are all safe.

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Where can I hire a Security officer with a dog?

Many people wonder for what purposes you can hire a security officer with a guard dog and for what situations this type of duo is suitable for. The truth is that they can protect any type of objects or settings and the means are selected individually, depending on the needs of the client, as well as the area. A security guard with a canine will be great at protecting construction sites and demolished areas, where after completion valuable equipment and expensive materials are left for finishing or building a variety of buildings. Also, commercial facilities such as warehouses, halls or supply stores require adequate protection, because due to the fact that they are filled to the brim with goods, they are exposed and vulnerable to attacks by criminals, for whom theft in such a place makes an ideal scenario. A security guard with a dog is also a great solution for people who need to protect a private area, regardless of its purpose. Our company deals with the protection of both inhabited properties and those that are intended for summer recreation, or stand empty for various reasons. Regardless of the objective, our security officers and canines make every effort to ensure that everything on site remains on site at all times.