Pricing Of Security Guard With Dog


Security guard with a dog – why choose this service?

A security guard with a dog is a service that is chosen by both entrepreneurs and private individuals to protect people and property. This service is becoming more and more popular due to the extraordinary effectiveness and the fact that a security guard with a dog can work in all conditions. This type of duo is extremely effective regardless of the prevailing weather and weather conditions, as well as the size of the protected area. it’s all because of the excellent smell and hearing of the dog who works with people while performing security duties. The dog, thanks to its sharpened senses, is able to detect an approaching threat from afar and warn its master, who thus has time to react and prepare properly for the attack of robbers or other criminals. Another positive that comes from hiring a security guard with a dog is the fact that the dog also confronts the bandits, and they often see the enthusiasm and combat capabilities of the dog giving up further fighting, so that both the security guard, employees of the facility and the facility itself are safe.

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Security guard with a dog – where can you hire him?

Many people wonder for what purposes you can hire a security guard with a dog and to protect what objects this type of duo is suitable for. The fact is that a security guard with a dog can protect any type of object, and the means are selected individually, depending on the needs of the client, as well as the area and type of protected area. A security guard with a dog will be great at construction sites and demolished areas where after the completion of work is left very valuable equipment, and often also expensive materials for finishing or building a variety of buildings. Also commercial facilities such as warehouses, halls or supply stores require adequate protection, because due to the fact that they are filled to the brim with goods, they are exposed to attacks by criminals for whom theft in such a place is the ideal conditions. A security guard with a dog is also a great way out for people who need to protect a private area, regardless of its purpose. Our company deals with the protection of both inhabited properties and those that are intended for summer recreation or stand empty for various reasons. Regardless of the object, our security guard with a dog makes every effort to ensure that every little thing on the object is safe. 

Security guard with a dog – the cost of the service

The cost of the service of hiring a security guard with a dog depends on the size of the place that will be protected, because it also depends on the means that will be used to effectively protect your chosen place. A small area, i.e. one with an area of 100 – 300m2 requires the use of funds in the form of one security guard with a dog, the cost of such a service is 1008 pounds + VAT per week. If you have an area of 300-700m2, it will be necessary to use two security guard with dogs to provide the selected object with adequate and most effective protection. In this case, the cost of the service is 2016 pounds + Vat per week. The last variant is the area from 700m2 and up, in this case it is necessary to use at least three security guard with dogs who will provide you with protection. The cost of this service is £ 3024 + Vat per week. In the case of huge areas, the number of security guard with dogs and the financial conditions are set individually, so we encourage you to contact us to determine the details.