Why is it so effective to protect industrial facilities with trained dogs?

Security is one of the most important basic human needs, so it’s no surprise that owners of enterprises and industrial facilities want their property to be carefully protected. Computers, cameras, alarms and other technological solutions are commonly chosen ways to provide many companies with adequate protection. However, even the most advanced technology may not be glitch-free. That’s why it’s important not to rely on technical devices only. It’s hiring people specialising in property and people protection that may prove much more effective. What is also worth considering, nowadays the security staff may be accompanied by security dogs, to make the quality of the service even higher.

Many people decide to use only electronic security systems such as cameras, alarms, or a video intercom at the entrance to industrial facilities, but this may be a mistake. Skilled thieves can deal with both cameras and alarm systems. Other situations in which electronic protection systems may fail are, e.g. any power outages or malfunctions of the equipment itself. It is worth making sure that in such situations the industrial facility which we are responsible for does not remain unsupervised. It is a fact that usually electronic systems such as camera images are controlled by people, but in the case of large objects that are located in huge areas, it is definitely not enough. A much better solution is to have qualified security staff members both inside and outside the building. When working outside, a security guard accompanied by a dog is a great solution, thanks to which we can be sure that no one will enter our area unnoticed.

Why is a guard accompanied by a dog a better choice than a security guard working alone?

For many people, a guard accompanied by a dog is still a relatively new, unknown type of protection of people and property. It has to be highlighted, though, that virtually everyone who has already decided to use this solution declares that they would make such a decision again. That’s why its popularity is constantly growing.

Why is it worth choosing a guard accompanied by a dog and for what reasons is this solution more effective than choosing a security guard working by himself?

thanks to its acute senses, dogs accompanying guards give them time to react, as they are able to notice any dangers earlier than humans;
it’s not a rare situation when thieves resign from a break-in just for fear of the dog;
the dog is much faster and more resilient than a human, which significantly increases the chances of catching the burglars in case of an intervention
Security Guard With Dogs
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A guard accompanied by a dog – an ideal solution not only for industrial facilities

We have already learnt that a guard accompanied by a dog is a solution that has a lot of advantages. However, it has to be added that it is also a service that will be perfect not only for industrial facilities, but also in many other places. A guard with a dog is an ideal solution for construction sites as well as demolition sites, as they are exposed not only to thefts but also to acts of vandalism. Any type of commercial facility will also be much safer when supervised by a guard with a security dog. Many other people who possess private areas that require monitoring will also be relieved using this innovative solution.

Are you wondering if the service provided by a guard accompanied by a dog will work for your property? Contact us, and we will be happy to give you professional advice.

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