What does the number of guards with dogs in the protected facility depend on?

Regardless of what object we are responsible for, if we want it to be completely safe, it will be a good idea to carefully plan both the method of protection and the number of measures we intend to apply. In the case of cameras, the situation is quite simple as they are placed at strategic points that help to monitor the area, regardless if it’s big or small. What does the number of guards working with dogs in the protected facility depend on?

When planning the protection of our area, we should take into account many different factors. The first thing we need to determine is the size of the place where the guards and dogs are going to work, because over a large area a single member of staff may not be effective enough, despite their best efforts. Also, whether the protected area includes buildings such as halls, warehouses or other types of industrial buildings is of great importance, as well as their location and layout in the case of a building complex. We should also consider what type of neighborhood there is around our building, because completely different security measures will be needed in the case of a site in an industrial zone, where there are many companies similar to ours, and a totally different type of protection will prove useful when the object of protection is located in an area surrounded by, for example, forests.

Where can the security guards accompanied by guard dogs work?

Many people ask themselves where the best place for the guards accompanied by dogs to work is. Certainly, for many people this type of solution used in the protection of people and property will be a novelty, therefore both entrepreneurs and individuals are looking at this service with curiosity. Guards working with dogs can be an extremely effective method of protection – where can it be used?

Demolition sites where equipment remains after hours, the value of which is usually enormous, is one of many examples where security officers working with canines are an effective method of protection. Furthermore, this solution will protect contractors not only against thefts, but also against onlookers and people who would like to enter the demolition site out of curiosity.
A construction site is another place that is at risk of theft of expensive equipment. In this case, there is also a risk related to vandalism such as graffiti on the machines or new buildings.
Industrial facilities, production halls as well as commercial facilities need perfect protection around the clock. In such situations, guardians working with their guard dogs is the perfect solution.
Private properties and plots can be also protected by them.
Construction site protection with a dog
Are you wondering where else this solution may work? Take a look at our website and check the recommendations of specialists in the field of personal and property protection.

Why is it worth choosing security staff working with dogs?

Certainly, when considering the method of protecting our property, we will ask ourselves why it is worth choosing guardians with dogs and how this form of protection differs from others? This solution is perfect thanks to the dog’s excellent senses, which, regardless of the time of day and weather conditions, enables it to hear, smell and see the impending danger much faster than a human would be able to do without the help of a dog. Thanks to this, the dog alerts the guard, and the guard gains time to react appropriately. Also, the fact that when the danger occurs, the dog reacts instinctively, without fear for his health or life speaks in favour of this duo. If a dangerous situation does occur, it will surely be brought under control immediately. When it comes to larger areas or those that are particularly difficult due to the location or the type of terrain, the number of guards with dogs may be higher than the standard one, so it is worth checking what solution is recommended by specialists.

Do you want to take advantage of the services provided by guardians accompanied by dogs, but you are not sure what the protection should look like on your property? Get in touch, we’ll help you make the best decision!

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