Protection with a dog – a solution for industrial facilities

Protection with a dog

Each business owner who possesses industrial facilities knows how difficult it may  be to protect them properly. Such facilities usually have a large area. Sometimes, these are complexes  of industrial buildings located close to each other, so it is no wonder that it is so difficult to organise a security system that will help to control the entire object and make sure that there are no intruders. More and more entrepreneurs are choosing non-standard solutions which, in the case of the protection of industrial facilities, work better than anything else. One of them  is the security service provided by a guard accompanied by a dog. Is it worth considering this solution?

There are many ways of protection, using both human capital and modern electronic systems based on computers and cameras. Obviously, these solutions are necessary, especially if we want to protect not only the outside area, but also the interior of our industrial facilities. However, when it comes to  professional criminals, they will undoubtedly be able to bypass cameras and break into our premises. In the case of a guard working with a dog, this task becomes much more difficult, because both the guard and the dog are properly trained, which allows them to spot any alarming signals and react quickly enough to prevent the burglary and find the  perpetrators.  What is worth adding, criminals, seeing that there is a dog guarding the facility refrain from invading the facility just out of fear.

Protection of industrial facilities with a dog – why is it worth taking advantage of this opportunity? Many entrepreneurs wonder if it is worth investing in protecting an industrial facility by a guard accompanied by a dog.  The four-legged companions of the guard are able to start their work only  after specialised training, during which they  learn how to make use of their senses and how to do their tasks in the best possible way. These special assistants know how to behave even in the most extreme situations. Many people are also concerned about how the dog will cope with rough terrain or in bad  weather conditions. However, we shouldn’t worry, because a canine guardian can handle such inconvenience much better than a human. 

Why is it worth taking advantage of the services provided by this wonderful duo?

  • the dog uses its extremely acute senses such as hearing, smell and sight, thanks to which it can warn the guard of the impending danger much faster than they would notice it working alone;
  • the dog does not pay attention to weather conditions and is always effective;
  • the dog does not feel the fears which are typical to people, so we can be sure that it will always react to disturbing signals.
  • Security Dog Handler

Thanks to appropriate training as well as mutual trust, the guard and the dog form an extremely effective duo.

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How to choose the best company providing personal and property protection services?

When making a decision  which security company to hire we should pay attention to several, important aspects, e.g. the experience of the selected company. It is also worth checking the opinions available on the Internet, because thanks to them we can learn about the quality of services provided by a given company.

If we are interested in the service provided by a guard together with a dog, we should make sure not only that the dog has received proper  training that will allow it to perform its job effectively, but also that it is well handled and by the guards, because only a happy and well-groomed four-legged guard will be able to act properly.

Wondering what  four-legged guardians look like and how they are handled? Check our photo gallery: