Are weather conditions a real threat when it comes to efficiency of dog-human cooperation based security companies?

Making sure your house is a safe place seems to be an obvious thing. Each of us does our best to protect our homes from burglary, fire or devastation. Taking into consideration the first factor mentioned, it is worth hiring a professional security company which may save us worries and, above all, property loss.

Selecting such a company might not seem to be an easy undertaking. That is why it is important to realise what expectations in this field we have. Mind you, these are the experienced security companies that are truly able to adapt their services according to their customers’ needs. One may say ‘There’s never been a burglary or a robbery in my neighbourhood’, however, in this fast changing world no areas can be considered safe anymore. It refers both to private properties and also professional buildings, such as warehouses, office buildings or construction sites. Having a company that will take care of these places is the best solution to having a good night’s sleep without worrying whether our property is safe.

Why does  a guard accompanied by a dog make such a difference?

Nowadays, it is especially problematic for big property owners, e.g. the ones who possess valuable, state-of-the-art machines or other equipment, to deal with problems related to ensuring an adequate level of security of their properties.

The way of addressing this problem is an innovative approach of human-dog cooperation, which makes ensuring safety way more effective. Both the security guard and the canine undergo specialised training that make this collaboration so strong.

They enable people and the animals to complement each other’s skills and capabilities. Dogs, thanks to their excellent hearing or possibility to see in the darkness, are able to warn their human partners at the right moment and help them behave properly in unexpected situations, especially the ones when the reaction time plays a crucial role.

What about the weather conditions?

Some may have doubts whether to employ a human-dog cooperating security company or whether the weather conditions may affect the dogs’ effectiveness. Undoubtedly, some extreme weather conditions, such as torrential rain may slightly weaken a dog’s sense of smell; however, these are quite rare cases. The more important thing is that a dog may fully use its potential in many other situations which are unbearable to humans, such as a gale, a storm or even psychological issues, e.g. fear, a bad day, personal problems. We need to remember that thanks to the training, the dogs are deprived of the fear or anxiety, they are there to work and will not hesitate in some difficult moments, which may play a crucial role in the most difficult cases. Moreover, this is not without significance that the look of such a duo may be awe-inspiring, and thus discourage some potential burglars from approaching the area.

How to choose the best security company?

There is a wide range of security companies available on the market. However, not all of them offer the same standard of protection. What is really important is to make a list of our expectations and needs in the particular area or a building and look for a company which offers all the services we seek. In order to pick the one which meets our expectations we should take several factors into consideration, for instance, whether the representative is physically present in the building or area during day and night, or do they only react after receiving a notification about a breakthrough at the site. Online reviews may also prove helpful in making a decision as they are written by company clients and describe the real customer service quality of the company as well as other important factors of the cooperation. It is also a good idea to make an appointment with representatives of a given company and make the final decision afterwards.