A guard with a dog at a construction site – is it a good idea?

The construction industry around the world is often exposed to targeted criminal activity. Break-ins can also happen on the construction site. The lack of security measures is a very costly matter, and people are convinced that the installation of an alarm is a sufficient security measure. Nothing could be more wrong! In this article, we will try to convince you that using the services of a professional guard with a dog is an excellent alternative to traditional security services.

Why is a security guard with a dog a good choice?

„Protection of buildings with a dog” and „protection of a building site with a dog” are among the most common phrases searched by people in popular search engines. Therefore, the topic of property protection through the use of professional security companies is gaining popularity. The use of electronic security systems alone in large building spaces may not be sufficient. A security guard accompanied by a guard dog is a great solution thanks to which you will be sure that no one will enter your premises unnoticed.

What are the main advantages of using professional security guard services with dogs?

  • This protection is an extremely effective option due to the fact that both the dog and the guard are properly trained.
  • Dog’s senses are more developed than human senses, hence the reaction time is also shortened.
  • A dog is much faster and more durable than a human, which significantly increases the chances of catching burglars or any other criminals.
  • It often happens that a thief refuses to break in just for fear of the dog.
  • A guard with a dog will be useful both during the day and at night, where it would be difficult to spot burglars without the help of four-legged companions.
  • Protecting a building with a dog is a guarantee of the building’s safety.

We understand that the safety of your site is of the utmost importance to you. Therefore, professionally trained four-legged employees have many useful skills that will take the protection of your property to an even higher level. The guardian not only relies on the dog’s sharpened senses, but it is also important to properly train the dog to perform the appropriate commands. The dedication of our four-legged partners makes them ideal as work companions.

At the beginning of the cooperation, you should know in what dimension you want to hire a security guard with a dog. We offer comprehensive security services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thanks to the appropriate preparation, our security guard with his dog can patrol the entire area both during the day and at night. In addition, thanks to the dog’s acute sense of smell, we can check vehicles entering the construction site on an ongoing basis. It should be remembered that a properly trained dog is able to notice much faster what is almost undetectable to the human eye. All of this contributes to the increased security of your facility. If you are interested in the topic and want to learn more about the protection option presented, be sure to check out our website – security guard with a dog in Milton Keynes.

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