Is 24/7 security of a facility a good solution?

Is 24/7 security of a facility a good solution? Many facilities require 24 hour security service, but it is not easy. The most common solution is installation of cameras that record the image and allow the owners to read the material later. However, such devices are not always enough. It would be a great idea to hire a security guard with a dog who will guard the property at all times.

Alarms, cameras and other similar devices can prove to be unreliable. Their operation depends on many factors, and their destruction will not be a problem for thieves and vandals. How to protect your plot in the most effective way? The services of security guards, who are able to watch over the facility in the company of a trained dog, are becoming more and more popular. Its nature allows you to carefully guard the area, which will surely become a safe territory that no strangers will have access to. However, are you sure that an animal is obedient enough to accompany the guards?

Can any dog become a facility security guard?

In every dog ​​ we can self-prise instincts that will help him recognize danger. However, not every breed is suitable in the profession of a guard dog. So what should you consider when choosing a dog to guard your property? The main features that should distinguish a security guard dog are the right breed to protect the property, intelligence, willingness to learn and the ability to remember learned behavior and activity. However, every dog, regardless of its origin, needs proper training. Thanks to this, it will be able to learn the simplest commands that, over time, will be able to develop and extend the knowledge of the pet. Examples of breeds that are great as security guards dogs are: the German Shepherd, Caucasian Shepherd, Boxer, Doberman.

Each of the breeds listed above has different features that allow the animals to guard effectively. If we are looking for a dog to protect our home, we can also consider the Rottweiler, Giant Schnauzer or Black Russian Terrier. Security companies, however, most often choose German Shepherds, which easily learn the commands. However, they require constant human supervision, who will be able to control them if necessary.

Who should decide to hire a security guard with a dog?

A security guard with a dog is a great solution for both private and public properties. This form of securing the area will be perfect on the square where construction is just beginning, especially after dark. In such cases, 24/7 security is extremely important, because it is when workers leave their workplace that the greatest threat appears. It is after dark that thieves can wait for machines or consumables left behind. Then the risk of vandalism also increases. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent uninvited guests from bursting onto your plot. A single security guard is not always able to take care of the entire area due to its size, so it is worth hiring a guard whose faithful companion is a dog. Even in the middle of the night, your pet will see strangers hanging around and hear suspicious sounds. Due to his increased senses, the dog will have no problem locating the criminals.

If you care about the best protection in the area where construction is currently underway, choose Brylant Security, a company that can boast of experienced security guards and their canine companions. See our offer, which concerns construction sites.

Construction site Protection with a dog

Dogs, the best security guards for companies

Also, companies and various types of warehouses should have the best possible type of protection. These are places exposed to theft due to the large number of visitors to their premises or drivers delivering goods. The dog boasts an excellent sense of smell, which can be used in searching for people and vehicles. The animal can even cope with the huge area that some companies occupy. Thanks to the 24 hour facility security, the owner does not have to worry about his property, even when there is no one left on its premises, except the security guard. A man, accompanied by a perfectly trained dog, will be able to take care of any object, both private and commercial. A security guard with a dog can easily guard any company that needs protection. Get to know the details of our services and fill in the contact form available on the website : Contact

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