How to choose the right protection for your property?

How to choose the right protection for your property?

How to choose the right protection for your property? All property owners have something in common – it is the need to be sure that their properties are safe, no matter how many valuable things they possess. Even though your facility is located in a seemingly safe area, there is always the risk of burglary. So if we want to sleep well, without worrying about the place , hiring a security company is a great solution.

It’s not a secret that many people put their safety into cameras and other electronic devices. However, in case of emergency such equipment may fail in detecting dangers early enough. They play a great role as an additional means of protection, making security staff work even more effective. These are properly trained people, not machines, who guarantee safety. People working in professional personal and property protection agencies have appropriate qualifications that allow them to provide our property with a satisfactory safety level. There are also some other services on the security market. One of them is protection provided by a security guard working alongside a dog. Regardless of the type of area to be protected, a dog accompanying a security guard ensures a much higher level of security than in a situation where protection is based solely on human skills and electronic equipment.

A security guard working with a dog – why is it worth choosing this type of protection?

Certainly, everyone who plans to hire a security guard for their property wonders whether it is worth investing in this rather unusual type of protection which is a service provided by a security guard accompanied by a dog. This solution has many advantages and being familiar with them may help us make the final decision. So, what benefits exactly are we talking about?

  • having a dog by their side, the security staff are able to work effectively regardless of the time of the day and also at night;
  • thanks to perfectly developed senses – hearing and smell, a dog is able to warn its partner about the approaching danger;
  • thanks to specialised training, dogs don’t feel the fear, but react automatically and defend the area and the partner at all costs;
  • In case the thieves or vandals try to flee the area, which could be problematic especially at night, a dog is able to track them even at long distances, which wouldn’t be an easy task even for well-trained humans.

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Where are dog- guard teams the most effective?

When choosing the most effective protection form for our properties we usually think about its type, the size and the time when it’s going to be secured. These are the main criteria. However, what type of objects can be protected by guards together with their dogs? The answer is that it’s virtually everywhere, because there are practically no restrictions for them to operate. A security guard with a dog will be perfect both for private property and official facilities. Dogs, thanks to their sharp senses and professional training, are able to support their partner at all times. Saying ‘a security staff accompanied by a dog’ may not be the most accurate phrase, though. That’s because the number of dogs, and the size of the team is always an individual case. At Brylant Security we are completely aware of the fact that planning is an essential phase, so we are ready to prepare a tailor-made offer, adjusted to your needs.

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