Security guard with a dog- when is it worth choosing this solution?

Security guard with a dog- when is it worth choosing this solution?

A security guard with a dog is a rather unusual type of service that is becoming more and more common not only in England, but also around the world. Depending on the needs of clients, agencies offer various types of services, consisting in the appropriate protection of a specific area.

When is it worth choosing such a service?

Nowadays, the security industry is developing very intensively, in line with the growing needs of such services. More and more investors or business owners decide to take the offers of a professional security agency providing comprehensive services, i.e. monitoring a designated area from scratch. Protection of companies, control of pedestrian traffic at entrances to enterprises, warehouses, amusement parks, cinemas and theaters, individual protection of private areas – these are just a few of the many services that individual security companies offer us. Depending on the needs of individual clients, the service provider, i.e. in this case the personal and property protection agency, develops a specific action plan and determines the scope of duties and recommendations with the recipient. So when is it worth using a professional security guard?

Is a security guard with a dog a good choice if we want high-quality services?

What are the benefits of hiring a security guard with a dog?

In the case of most people and property protection agencies, all services are performed by qualified specialists, perfectly familiar with the law, knowledge of the rules of possession and use of weapons and the scope of activities imposed by the contractor. Brylant Security is an agency that offers the highest services related to the security of individual facilities, and the possibility of hiring a professional security guard with a dog.

Why is it worth choosing such a solution?

The security guard has excellent contact with a trained dog that is taught to immediately respond to the owner’s gestures and tone of voice, and a flawless and highly developed sense of smell and hearing allows for a wider range of activities and more accurate observations of the protected object. The animal, alerted to unusual human behavior, immediately gives a signal to the owner, and the sight of a dangerous and trained dog effectively scares off potential thieves and unauthorized persons.

Are you considering using the services of our security agency?

Come and see what our trained dogs look like:

In what cases is dog protection perfect?

When deciding to use the services of a specialized security agency, you should consider that discussing the terms of the contract is very important. The most important element is, of course, the type of area or facility that we would like to protect. The security service in an undeveloped area will look completely different, where the security guard focuses on observations in order to determine whether there are any unauthorized persons in this area, or there is no vandalism or theft. Investors primarily want to avoid the theft of valuable construction and electrical machinery and equipment. The owner of a private company will be willing to control employees, while an entrepreneur who hires a security guard to secure the hotel or entertainment points will focus on the safety of guests and tourists.

For what purpose can you hire a security agency?

Each security agency focuses on specific goals and provides various services, ranging from warehouses and stores, through handling mass events, to securing corporations and offices. Brylant Security combines variety and the possibility of individual adjustment of the scope of activities to the needs of each client. We focus primarily on the safety and protection of people and property, using all the skills gained during many professional courses and thorough training. We offer protection of construction and demolition sites, private properties, commercial, industrial and commercial facilities, as well as a static protection service, which consists in monitoring a specific object from a designated place.

Do you care about absolute safety and close monitoring of a specific area and are you thinking about using the services of a security agency? Check what offer we can offer you:

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