Security guard with a dog – facts and myths

Security guard with a dog – facts and myths. Protection of people and property is a type of service that both private individuals and entrepreneurs around the world have been using for years. Regardless of the type of property that we want to protect with the help of a professional company, each person orders the protection of persons and property depends on efficiency and professionalism.

The service of hiring a security guard with a dog to take care and protect a property is gaining more and more popularity in the world, however, many myths have arisen around this type of service. Let’s take a closer look at gossip about the service of protecting people and property with the help of a security guard with a dog.

First, let’s look at some facts.

A security guard with a dog is an extremely effective form of protecting people and property due to the fact that the dog after the training uses all its potential that lies in its extremely sensitive senses such as smell or hearing, but also eyesight, which works much better at night. The great advantage of the service performed by a security guard with a dog is that the dog warns his master of upcoming danger early enough that the security guard has a chance to prevent a burglary and prepare properly for the attacker.

A trained dog is also an invaluable help in identifying the perpetrators of theft or robbery. There are many myths around protecting people and property with the help of a security guard with a dog, today we will discuss those that are most often duplicated.

Myth number 1: any dog ​​is easily distracted, which is why a dog will not work as a security guard.

The first myth is that each dog can be easily distracted by playing, noise or treats. Of course, the fact is that ordinary, domestic dogs are often quite easily distracted, but the four-legged companions that are used to protect people and property undergo specialised training, thanks to which they learn how to behave while performing their service. The security guard with the dog is sure that the animal they are on duty with knows not to be tempted to play with a stranger, and also knows that his four-legged partner will not accept treats from a person he does not know.

Dogs who are security guards go through specialised training, as those who work in other uniformed services. If we want effective protection, then a security guard with a dog will certainly provide it to us.

Myth number 2: a domestic dog will protect the house in the same way as a dog accompanying a security guard with a dog.

Many people think that since they have their own dog, they do not need the service of a security guard with the dog, and that their four-legged friend can also cope with the protection of the property. This is a frequently duplicated myth. A security guard with a dog has something more than a dog at his side, thanks to specialised training the security dog ​​gains the rank of a partner who knows perfectly well how to deal with situations where you should track down thieves or defend your partner against villains who own a gun for example. A dog who is brought up at home does not have such knowledge, and in a stressful situation it can react quite unpredictably and its first reaction won’t necessarily be to protect the property.

Often, thieves and vandals of all kinds manage to calm down the dog’s vigilance, trying to feed him with treats or by displaying very friendly behavior towards him. Unfortunately, in some cases thieves react aggressively and hurt a pet that does not have the necessary knowledge and training to defend itself, the property and the household members. If we want our property to be protected by a dog, then it is definitely worth it to choose the professional service of a security guard with a dog who has the appropriate knowledge, training and qualifications.

There are certainly many more myths associated with the service of protecting people and property with the help of a security guard with a dog, but these two are the most often duplicated pieces of information that mislead many people. If we have any doubts and are considering using security services, then the perfect solution will be to familiarize ourselves with the company offering protection provided by a security guard with a dog.

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