Is a security guard with a dog on a housing plot a good idea?

Is a security guard with a dog on a housing plot a good idea? Security and safety of persons and property may seem a matter of interest to some people, e.g. entrepreneurs, company owners or real estate developers. However, nothing could be more wrong, security staff are currently more and more popular among private property owners as well. What is more, these are not just people who protect houses or summer plots, the guards work together with dogs to provide all places with top security level. Is such a solution a good idea for your plot?

From time to time all of us feel the need to change location, sometimes for a longer period of time. This means holidays abroad, a seasonal job or just staying with family in a different part of the country. What about our belongings at that time? If we want to make sure that they are safe, why not hire a security company to protect our plot during our absence, especially because there are several threats to the property which we should be aware of. First of all it’s a danger of burglary. These days thieves keep observing houses and the behaviour of the home dwellers, therefore our vacation is a perfect opportunity for them to act. However, it’s not only people who can cause harm to our property. These are also wild animals which may cause damage. In order to avoid such unpleasant surprises it is worth considering a security company to take care of our property.

Why should we choose security staff working with a dog to protect a residential property?

Using dogs in property protection is an innovative concept, quickly gaining popularity across the UK. Why is this happening? Most probably it’s thanks to the effectiveness of such cooperation. A dog gives security staff an edge in many fields. Dogs are effective both during the day and also after dark thanks to their great sense of smell and perfect hearing. These allow them to warn their human partner if something suspicious happens in the protected area. Also, dogs are able to work in any conditions, e.g. bad weather, which may be highly inconvenient to humans. In addition, they are able to detect a danger much faster than humans as their eyes are far more sensitive to any moves. Their quick reaction gives security staff more time in some crucial moments and allows them to take proper steps. Moreover, in case of the thieves’ escape, dogs will be able to track them down and increase the odds of finding the criminals. All of that happens thanks to professional training which dogs undergo. Thanks to it, they know exactly how to behave in certain types of situations and also how to cooperate with their human partners.

Who can benefit from security provided by a security guard with a dog?

The answer is: absolutely everybody. We may have an impression that having such a protection is a step too far, that this solution is dedicated to big companies and offices. However, this is just a stereotype. These days when such services are becoming more and more affordable, we should treat it as an investment. Investment in safety will always pay off. No matter if we need protection of persons and property only during our business trip or vacation or all year-round protection, we should certainly consider using the services of a security guard with a dog.

If you are not sure how this works, have questions or doubts, contact a professional agency and they will surely be happy to clarify everything for you.

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