Static Guard - Security Service

Static protection – what is it about?

Static protection is a service that guarantees full security in the place specified by the customer and is very often used when protecting people and property. This type of protection consists in the fact that in a designated place, on which we care especially, there is a bodyguard who, during his work, does not change his position. This solution is often used in access points, e.g. in warehouses or at the entrances to various companies and buildings. Also, during the security of various events, during personal protection, as well as when guarding equipment or other expensive items, this solution is used. Static guard is most often needed by companies. This type of service is in many cases the best solution if we want to provide our company with security and confidence that no unwanted people will enter its area and grounds.

Responsibilities of the Static Security Guard

Among the duties of a security static bodyguard, we can distinguish not only guarding a given point, but also various additional obligations that may relate to the performance of official duties related to the performance of this function. The first of these obligations may be traffic control, which is a common solution used on internal roads of various companies and facilities such as amusement parks, hotels, or complexes in which the lack of organization of internal traffic could have deplorable effects. Also, gate maintenance as well as monitoring service may fall under the responsibility of a static bodyguard. It should be added that the function of a static bodyguard, regardless of the scope of duties, combines one thing, he is to prevent the entry of unauthorized persons into the protected area, acts of vandalism, theft and many other offenses that may occur in the workplace and in their surroundings. Contrary to appearances, despite the most common occurrence of this service at workplaces and office buildings, it is used in many places, it works well both in warehouses and in amusement parks, parking lots, museums and many other places.

Static Guard with a Dog

A security guard with a dog is great as static protection. It may seem that the use of a dog during static protection is unnecessary, but this solution has a huge number of advantages. The dog not only uses its full potential during work, which is in its sensitive smell and hearing and reaction speed, thanks to which it can alert the bodyguard against impending danger, but also on many other issues such as the fact that its presence effectively discourages aggressors from attacking for bodyguard. Dogs that serve to protect, undergo special training, thanks to which their reaction time is incredibly fast, which is also recognized by vandals, thieves or adventurers, whose vision of biting and confronting the dog effectively distracts from breaking the law in the presence of the dog. The dog certainly raises respect, thanks to which our static protection will be even more effective.

Static Guard Service – why choose Brylant Security?

Our company is more than just protecting people and property. Not only do we have the right knowledge, but we also know how to use it in practice, as our existing customers have found out. We approach each order individually, because we know how important it is to adapt the type of protection and all its parameters to the type of protected area, as well as the current conditions. Our offer includes not only traditional security, but also services of a security guard with a dog, which are often a much better solution. We provide help at every stage, from making decisions about how to properly protect the site, through the provision of security and property services, to the appropriate response and assistance in the event that we prevent the attempt of theft or vandalism. Both our bodyguards and the dogs that accompany them undergo full training packages that fully allow them to use their skills and knowledge.

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