In which cases is the static shield best suited?

In which cases is the static shield best suited? If you are interested in security services with dogs you have probably heard of static protection. A service which is constantly gaining popularity, especially among entrepreneurs, company owners and hotel or amusement parks managers.

Let’s think about where this type of protection is especially effective and why?

First of all, professional security services are gaining popularity in the UK in general. It refers both to private clients who need to secure their houses, summer plots, etc. and also professionals, such as construction site managers or company owners. What all of them have in common is that they need the highest possible standard of protection. The security agency which works for them usually concentrates on a crucial goal. Most of the time it’s a thorough observation aiming at preventing a third party intrusion. Another important factor in these situations is a quick reaction when a dangerous or even suspicious situation is taking place.

So, how do you know that static protection, which means observing the area from one point, is a good solution for you?

This service is especially recommended in places with an intense flow of people. These could be for instance entrances to offices, warehouses or other crowded facilities. Such areas are highly exposed to a third party intrusion ,and thus, thefts or other damages. Having a security staff member, accompanied with a dog, can be a useful solution here. Helping to control people’s suspicious behaviours and protecting not only the area but also all the individuals present on the premises.

Why should you focus on static protection?

Static protection is a service that focuses primarily on the protection of people and property on the premises of enterprises, companies, office buildings as well as amusement parks and hotels. Close observation of people entering the protected area and the ability to spot suspicious and disturbing behaviour of individuals is a guarantee of maximum security for the entire facility and its employees. In addition, if you decide to cooperate with a security company engaging dogs in their day-to-day duties, you are also guaranteed a reaction in case of illegal substances presence on the premises. The security guards are able to communicate with their dogs almost without words, thanks to which they can react immediately in the event of any threat. This is why you can always rely on professional and specialised security agencies that deal with static protection of various facilities.

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